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We’ve worked with some of the top organisations worldwide

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We’ve worked with some of the top organisations worldwide


Why Star Leadership and what makes us different?

We offer customised executive learning. All our offerings can be tailored to meet your unique requirements, whether it be programme duration, structure or delivery. We understand that creating real change takes time, and for this reason we will always suggest the most comprehensive approach. We do, however, understand that at times, teams just need a pick-me-up which can be accomplished with a half-day session.

We create the conditions to have real conversations to address real issues that creates real shifts and leads to genuine change. As coaches we facilitate in a way that gets the group to come to the solutions themselves, increasing the chance of profound shifts and change.

We do not apply a scripted approach. We apply a solutions focused approach staying connected with the outcome we need to achieve while being able to work with what’s in the room and adjust in the moment to what the group requires.

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We are accredited.

The STAR Coach Training and Leadership Development Programme holds all the top accreditations for coach training internationally and locally. Included is the highly regarded Level 2 Coach Education with the ICF, the International Coaching Federation; Silver Tier Training Provider through COMENSA, Coaches and Mentors of South Africa and is an NQF Level 5 registered training provider through the SABPP.


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Shifting from the need to be the best “in” the world, to a desire to be the best “for” the world is not a destination, it’s a journey. At STAR Leadership, we go the extra mile to equip and support you:

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We’ve worked with some of the top organisations worldwide