The Power Of Completion

As a coach I run a process every year I call Complete Create.

The Power of Completion.

I called it that as it captures my intent to create closure with the current year, and to create a powerful content for the following year. I am very inspired by making time available to thoroughly reflect on how my year went. I look at all the ways I succeeded in every part of my life. I acknowledge and celebrate my wins and where I was able to make some real breakthroughs.  There is nothing too small to get acknowledgement and appreciation from me 🙂

Acknowledging and celebrating your wins has a big impact on your mood, energy and productivity which is one of the most powerful ways to feel progress. This absolutely doesn’t need to happen once a year, by focusing on daily victories, you reinforce your actions and thoughts making it likely you’ll be inspired to create more small wins the next day.

I find it also very important to assess the ways I sabotaged myself and what I learned about myself from the year, and to then make plans to see how I will incorporate that learning into the next year. I find if I don’t make my learnings explicit, and consciously decide how I will embed that learning, it doesn’t happen, and I will keep needing to learn that same lesson again.

This process mirrors on a larger level the essence of deliberate practice. I have always been fascinated with expert performance, and what makes one exceptional.

Deliberate practice is a process that refers to a special type of practice that is purposeful and systematic. While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is done with the specific goal of improving performance. This is achieved by setting a goal, practicing it, and then evaluating how you did with the intent to put the next goal down, until mastery has been achieved.

“There is no such thing as failure, only feedback”

NLP Presupposition.

This quote that has really assisted me along by journey to feel empowered to keep going and carry on. Imagine the possibilities if you could relate to everything in your life with this attitude?

When you try something and it doesn’t produce the result you want, instead of judging yourself and making yourself wrong, try look to see if there is a different approach you could take that would lead to the result you are looking for. It could mean you just haven’t tried long enough, or directly enough, or with the right people, or in the right way. You keep receiving the results as feedback on how you can take it to the next level, rather than failure.

2020 has been a year that no one could ever have expected. I think if there is any year where we as a human race have been challenged to get creative about how to make things succeed, it is this year, and it warrants making time to really applaud and acknowledge yourself for getting through.

My wish for all of you out there is to take some quiet time alone with yourself, or in a group of close friends and look to see all the incredible things you did this year, to be where you are today.

My wish is for you to make the time to celebrate YOU.

Love, Savannah

PS: For more information on the Complete Create process and to participate in our upcoming programme, email: [email protected]

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