What’s on your vision board?

There’s a saying: Create a vision that wants to make you jump out of bed in the morning.

But 3 months down the line, you’re consumed by work and family-commitments, and often what we set out to achieve at the beginning of the year, is somehow nothing but a distant memory.

There’s a host of tips, articles and research around vision boards – whether they are useful or not. From this, if not done right, it might be your vision board that is holding you back from achieving.

We still believe that a vision board is a great tool, which works as a concrete representation of your desires and aspirations for a compelling life. As long as they put together to inspire you to create specific actions in pursuit of the goals and overall vision you’ve set for yourself to achieve.

Where vision boards hold us back, is when they represent unattainable goals – like for example having a picture of a big house and fancy sports car but making no other changes in our work-life that would secure the financial backing to afford such items down the line. Another example could be the desire to be in a loving and meaningful relationship, but there’s no engagement in social activities, thus no opportunity to meet new people. Then our vision, will remain nothing but fantasy.

So what is missing? Research shows that the STEPS to reach the different goals as part of your  vision, is the most important information. Simply visualising the perfect body, without understanding what the daily steps would be (e.g. lifestyle changes through better food-choices and going to the gym regularly) makes all the difference. 

Here’s our top vision board tips:

  • Create a board that you have access to and can see daily;
  • Instead of compiling visuals of the end-goal only, change the entire focus and commit visually to the effort and specific steps it would require getting you there;
  • Create short-term action steps. As you reach these, you’ll experience a sense of progress that will keep you motivated;
  • Focus on one or two goals at a time. Too many goals can quickly result in feeling  overwhelmed, which can lead to giving up altogether;
  • Be open possibilities and opportunities along the way – it might turn out even greater than the vision you imagined for yourself.
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