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We are accredited.

The STAR Coach Training and Leadership Development Programme holds all the top accreditations for coach training internationally and locally. Included is the highly regarded Level 2 Coach Education with the ICF, the International Coaching Federation; Silver Tier Training Provider through COMENSA, Coaches and Mentors of South Africa and is an NQF Level 5 registered training provider through the SABPP.

Coach Training Overview

Ready to transform your life and become a Star Leadership Coach?

The Star Coach Training Programme is perfect for those looking to make a difference in the lives of others and gives you an internationally recognised coach training certificate.

About the Programme

This programme is a deep immersion into what true transformation is, and how you can really make sustainable shifts in all aspects of your life, and ultimately in coaching. The underlying paradigm that runs throughout, is to empower YOU to ‘be conscious’, ‘be in control (of your thinking)’, and to ‘be in creation (coming from vision and possibility)’. It empowers you to embody unconditional positive regard for yourself and for others, unconditional acceptance of what is, and to constantly come from a place of genuineness. It helps you realise that you don’t need to get rid of any aspect of yourself, but rather that you need to love and accept yourself more.

About the Training

This programme is a journey to wholeness. This journey is for YOU, about YOU, and designed to empower YOU to create the important and meaningful changes in your life. The lessons you learn about yourself you will then be able to apply with your clients or personal and professional relationships.

Who should attend?

Individuals looking for a coach training programme that is both locally accredited with COMENSA and SAQA, and internationally accredited with ICF.
Leaders and managers in organisations wanting to bring a coaching culture into their workplace and a new approach to leadership, and for those looking for a deeply personal and transformational experience in pursuit of self-mastery and personal development.

What Makes This Programme Different From Others?

We are all about being real. Real connection, real relationships, real passion.
There is a real commitment from the team for every person going through this process to get all the concepts and processes on a level that allows them to apply it into their life and ultimately in their coaching practice.

The group sizes are kept small, max 10, to ensure every person in the process gets enough personal attention. These conditions create a sanctuary that allows people to be authentic and transparent which creates a vulnerability and realness not often felt in real life.

You go through your own self-transformation which allows you to hold the space for others to go through their own transformation.

We have really cool material. It’s beautiful. We have poured our heart and soul into making this a first class experience for you.

STAR Coach Training | Level 1

This programme will enable you to qualify at an ACC Level giving you a solid foundation for coaching. It will also be a deeply immersive self-development journey.

*to enrol you need to submit a letter of motivation and to have an interview with a Star Leadership Trainer.

STAR Coach Training | Level 2

This programme will enable you to qualify at a PCC Level where you master the core competencies of effective communication. It will also continue your journey to self-mastery.

*to enrol you need to sign up for Level 1 and 2, or have completed Level 1 through Star Leadership.

STAR Coach Training | Level 3

This programme will enable you to apply for the MCC credential, the highest credential for coaching. This is a journey to inner mastery and creating contribution in the world.

*to enrol you need to submit a letter of motivation and to have an interview with a Star Leadership Trainer.

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