Complete Create (Every Quarter) 1 session


Do you struggle to stay connected and in action of the goals you set for yourself each year?

This programme is designed to help you stay on track with the goals and dreams you have for yourself each year, offering consistent check-ins and guidance to keep you connected, motivated, and in action of making your dreams come true.

You will receive an editable digital manual to capture your accomplishments, your wins and your goals. You will also get access to our BeSTAR app designed to support your journey to self-mastery where you will get daily quiz questions, a place to capture your goals (so you have it on your phone), and a place for you to journal your learnings and insights and more.

Pay each session over 3-months via the payment plan option; per session (every quarter) or commit to all 4 sessions in the year to help you stay on track with your goals and making your dreams come true.

*Need a minimum of 4 to go ahead


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